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Thursday, July 30, 2009


I had seen a recipe on the Food Network for Nutty Granola by Elie Krieger and I've been wanting to make it for 3 months. Well I have all the ingredients. So today, I finally took the half an hour and made it! And the end result? Delicious. Granola is one of those cereals that should be healthy, but is usually loaded with so much extra sugar, fat and artifical flavors, that it ends up being full of fat. This granola contains rolled oats, maple syrup, unsalted pecans, walnuts and almonds and raisins. I also threw in some honey just to complement the maple syrup. Try it for yourself! It lasts a while, costs less than fancy granolas, and it's delicious in yogurt, or just as an afternoon snack...yum!

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